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The portal for wellness, massage, coaching, health and beauty ...

To search has an end - here you will find Wellness Portal - Wellness Massage Gesundheit Beauty 
On the right top you can serach for anything all over the page...

... or you can fossick for specific need directly in the corresponding category (menue on top) a page with a list of offerings or a page with a map and the offerings are available.

Find your Masseur, your Coach,
your Advisor, your Hairdesigner, your Nailartist,
your Therapist, your Animal communicator
for your Health, Wellness and Beauty.

Wellness, Massage, Coaching, Health and Beauty ...

Themes that affect our daily life. Nothing is more important than health that comes e.g. from wellness and leads to feel beautyful.

It is not always easy to find you therapist and on most other portals you will find only "sparse" information about a therapist, coach, massage therapist, practitioner, a shop, school or any facility for your spare time like a yoga class.

We want to help you to find your therapist, school, provider of health, beauty, wellness products and services in a way you can see a picture, a price, any information about the people behind, the location etc. so you can better decide what is accurate for you.

And when you found what you were looking for, you can directly contact the person with the request-from on the detail page.

Besides that you can place or fossick for products, services, used items in the free advertisement section or you can find your next event in the even calendar.



 if you need assistance for placing an advertisement or a event, please do not hesitate to contact us
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here you can order a detail entry as therapist, company, etc. or place an advertisement on www.wellness-portal.ch (click on this text) 
*** the ordering process in in german,
if you want to order in english just write to us
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